Don't you love the happy accidents? That over exposed shot that ends up giving your image a surprising, warm, even ethereal glow. Or maybe the oops snap that came after the  "CHEEEESE"?  The shot that maybe missed his perfect smile but captured your rascal nephew, sneaking a finger into the frosting on the cake.

It's all about authenticity I think. That hard to define, but easy to spot, "something" that just feels real. That special piece, that feels REALLY true and genuinely beautiful.  I love those pictures.

It's been at least a year or so and I can't remember the details of the discussion, but maybe it's just as well.  ;-).  Miranda was upset at the thought of being embarrassed about something in front of her best friend.   The dreaded, fill in the blank, hadn't happened, but "What if!?!?"  A pretty common 6 or 7 year old situation I'd guess. :-).

I remember I thought it through and I was pretty proud of the my wise and fatherly response.  I let her know that, it's ok to be vulnerable. In fact, it was very important.  I explained that sharing our flaws is actually what endears us to each other and helps us to trust each other.  She listened tearfully. . . but then, of course, let me know that "I just didn't understand".  :-). So much for my Father Knows Best ending. ;-).

I can't say I blame her for being skeptical.  It's taken me almost 40 years to learn how beautiful life's flaws are. . . both in our relationships and our pictures.