Thanks for your interest in my photography and the #JJ Community. Things have actually been changing around here to be honest. My team and I are certainly still available for traditional photo assignments, but we are most excited about our company's unique style of interactive events I call collaboration marketing.

"Collaboration Marketing?"

Yes it's different. We know we're not for everyone. To be honest, we get a little lost if you start talking about confusing things like CPM or Neilson Ratings. We might be the new kids at the party. We might have some strange new ideas. But thankfully, we have seen that some amazing and innovative brands get it. These comapany's and charities see that the best way to advertise might not be with advertisements at all. Instead of just pushing traditional ads, they are also cultivating relationships through compelling interactive events.  Events like the Road trip for FIAT USA documented in the video below.

A collaborative collage created by the #JJ community for the ALT hotel Toronto.

A collaborative collage created by the #JJ community for the ALT hotel Toronto.

Creativity is being democratized. First by the internet and most recently by the explosion of mobile tech. Forward thinking brands are embracing this new creative surge. These brands have started to ask potential customers, "What do you want to make?" Times have changed. The most innovative brands know we don't respond well to a pitch, but we love to be engaged. And finally, these open minded companies know that reaching a large audience is great, but motivating that audience to take action and post the message their combined millions of followers in a sponsored event is exponentially better. Collaboration marketing works. Our sponsored events often end in over 100,000 submissions, reaching a combined audience in the millions.  

And the magic doesn't end in the power of exponential growth. Because these creative collaborations live on after the event, so do your relationships with the customers. The #jj community has created epic interactive murals for Polariod and toured the country for FIAT. It's one thing to scroll past a hotel's banner add.  Knowing your picture is among thousands of others displayed in the lobby, that is a whole other thing.

So that's what we've been up to lately. Exciting huh? :-). Everyday our community posts thousands of images, that are viewed by millions around the world. And we're looking for our next project. If you are interested in a unique style of marketing, interested in connecting to the worlds most passionate people through creative projects, please email us below. We'd love to discuss your company's goals and see if a #jj collaboration is a good fit for your company or charity.

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